Shahzad Pasha | Filmmaker


Shahzad is the CEO/Owner of LPMEDIAWORKS a multicultural production house and has been catering to various clients all over North America and the world.

He determinedly established a career in the commercial world as a producer, director, cinematographer and has worked in 3 continents and has gone on to shoot spots for many of the world’s leading brands and companies. He has also shot 2 feature films as a cinematographer. Close to 2 decades of experience, hard work, dedication and understanding the technical aspects of the film process along with the gift of storytelling and performance can be seen in his work.

After completing Bachelor of Arts and Advance Diploma in Multimedia, Shahzad joined advertising industry, as an art director. He claims that he had always been drawn to the image, still or moving. Soon enough the demand in the fast-paced world of TV commercials came knocking and he started working as a director.

“As a director I learned huge amounts about pre-post production and saw some of the best in the business plough their trade. This was more than a job, it was an opportunity to witness firsthand process of film making,”